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        T2 PRESENTS is bringing back great live entertainment to Arizona!

Youth for Troops is excited to share that the generous patrons of these events have now raised $18,537 and shipped 1,236 care packages since 2019! Get your tickets now for the upcoming shows! Use the following link and a portion of the ticket sales will help Youth for Troops ship more care packages to deployed heroes! We will also have donation boxes at the shows to collect items to ship to the troops. We will have merchandise and raffle tickets at every show, too! Thank you for supporting our mission! See you at the next show!

Link to all shows

Anthem Country Club:
8/18/2021 Margaritaworld – Jimmy Buffett Tribute  
9/22/2021 Mirage - Music of Fleetwood Mac  
10/13/2021 George Michael Reborn -Tribute Starring Robert Bartko  
Harold's Cave Creek Corral:   
8/28/2021 Margaritaworld – Jimmy Buffett Tribute 
9/18/2021 Mirage - Music of Fleetwood Mac  
10/16/2021 George Michael Reborn - Tribute Starring Robert Bartko
11/13/2021 Randy Linder - A Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
12/11/2021 Piano Men - Tribute to Elton John and Billy Joel 
1/22/2022 Mick Adams & the Stones - Tribute to the Rolling Stones
2/26/2022 Fan Halen - A Tribute to Van Halen
3/26/2022 Ultimate Chicago - Tribute to Chicago
4/16/2022 Prince Again - Tribute to Prince
Seville Country Club – Gilbert, AZ:
8/19/2021 Margaritaworld - Jimmy Buffett Tribute  
9/23/2021 Mirage - Music of Fleetwood Mac  
10/14/2021 George Michel Reborn - Tribute Starring Robert Bartko
11/11/2021 CCR – Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival 

San Tan Brewery – Chandler, AZ:
9/19/2021 One of These Nights – A Tribute to The Eagles
10/17/2021 Voyager – A Tribute to Journey
11/14/2021 Piano Men: Generations – Music of Elton John and Billy Joel
12/12/2021 ULTIMATE Chicago
1/23/2022 Queen Nation – Tribute to Queen
2/20/2022 Fan Halen – Tribute to Van Halen
3/20/2022 Mirage – Music of Fleetwood Mac
San Tan – San Tan Valley, AZ
11/12/2021 December ’63- Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
12/4/2021 Sister’s Christmas Catechism: The Mystery of the Magi’s Gold
12/11/2021 One of These Nights – Tribute to The Eagles
1/29/2022 Walkin’ the Line – Tribute to Johnny Cash
2/12/2022 Garth LIVE! – Tribute to Garth Brooks
3/12/2022 Voyager – Tribute to Journey
3/25/2022 Mirage – Music of Fleetwood Mac